I have a wish for you.  I wish that you reach a point in your life where you have experienced the entire spectrum of human emotion; hopefully, maybe even more than once or twice.  These are my high hopes for you, because it will mean that you weren’t afraid to live, to say yes, to love, to indulge, to lose it all, to take risks, to create memories, to be spontaneous, to have experiences, to be adventurous, to be impulsive, to be open…with your heart and mind, to say no, to follow your heart, to speak your truth, to succeed, to feel the fear and do it anyway, to be stretched, to trust, to be messy, to try new things, to fail, to shine, to fall down, to learn…

Being a successful human isn’t about social status, salary, knowledge, or awards; it’s about being able to accept and love, even when it’s messy (this includes loving YOURSELF – in spite of your list of why you shouldn’t or why it’s hard to).  It’s about having the courage to show yourself compassion even when you’re not as put together as you’d like to be.  It’s about how you deal with discomfort.  It’s about reconnecting with all the parts that make YOU…the darkness, the light, the good, the bad…and realizing that, in that beautiful imperfect magnificent perfection, you are whole.  You are enough.  And you have all you need inside you to ride the waves of life.  It’s not about avoiding the scary waves by staying out of the ocean, where’s the fun in that?  Life was meant to be lived, and experienced to the fullest…even when you may not have all the answers.


You weren’t put on this planet to live in fear.  Fear will keep you small, and you, my dear, were meant to be BRILLIANT.  So what if you’ve been hurt?  Chances are you’ll probably get hurt in some capacity again; does that mean you’re willing to miss out on amazing love?  So what if you’ve failed at something?  Chances are you’ll probably fail at something again; does that mean you’re willing to pass up on some great achievements?  We are so afraid of feeling, that we don’t allow ourselves to thrive. What if it feels too good, and then doesn’t last?  What if it hurts?  What if …what if…what if.  Feel ANYWAY.  Love ANYWAY.  THRIVE.  LIVE.

So this lesson, it’s the wave I’m currently on.  That may change in an hour, tomorrow, next week, next month…but I’m ready to embrace those waves, too.  In fact, I, too, am ready to feel ANYWAY.  Love ANYWAY.  THRIVE.  LIVE.

Seriously, though, let’s get out there and LIVE.