Don’t be all kinky, start feeling people up, then say “Nataly said to be a feeler!”  That’s just not gonna fly.  To clarify for you dirty thinkers (no judgment here), what I mean is: what is guiding you, your heart or your brain?

heart vs. head

I tend to be a feeler rather than a thinker.  Most of the big decisions in my life have been based on a gut instict, or a heart tug, if you will.  Usually when I have felt discomfort, or when things haven’t gone as I would’ve liked them to, it’s actually because I allowed my brain to meddle and/or hold me back (thus, not following my heart and leading me to moments in life that I call distractions from my path).  Now, this is not to say not to use your brain or to ignore it.  All of the information we receive is our body’s way of communicating with us, and that information is very valuable in our life experience.  At all times, every part of your being is working in your favor, for your safety and survival.  Sometimes, however, the defense mechanisms we have developed are no longer serving us, and, instead, they hold us back from the amazing lives we can really be living.

Take for instance, when I felt a pretty strong heart tug in the direction of my dreams that led me to quit my job.  I knew I had to take a leap of faith, but my brain didn’t understand that (and neither did most people in my life, especially my parents).  My brain contributed the opinion that I was crazy, and that what I was doing was “risky” and not “safe.”  Similarly, most people, while expressing that they would be supportive of my final decision, advised against it and encouraged me to THINK about it.  My brain, like those people in my life, was well-meaning and only concerned for my “safety” and well-being.  From all angles it was fear, a sense of self-preservation, as well as the fear others were projecting onto me based on their own beliefs and experiences.  I respected the opinions, but in the end had to do what FELT right to me.  I quit.  Almost magically, doors opened, opportunities came, and the Universe fashioned a net as soon as I decided to take the leap.  It got the message that I was ready for a greater life.  I can’t explain it, but I knew that I would be taken care of…that’s how strong the feeling was…I guess we shall call it faith.

Our brain likes us to stay in our comfort zones, because that’s where it’s “safe.”  What have you let your brain hold you back from because of false beliefs like: “You can’t do that, you’ll only get hurt.”  “That’s not going to work.”  “You’re not good enough.”  “You’ll only fail.”…I have to stop writing them before I start to believe them myself!  It felt ugly writing that…but you get the point.  Even in this negative self-talk, your brain is thinking it is keeping you safe from danger, from failure, from pain.  Don’t get upset at your brain, it’s doing what it THINKS is in your best interest.  I am here to tell you that is not always the case.

I’m not immune to these heart vs brain battles.  In fact, I’m in the middle of one right now.  I’m considering going on a transformational journey to Bali:  Boundless Bliss.  This life-changing, 11-day trip is led by an amazing visionary in the field of human potential, Kute Blackson.  It is by no means an affordable trip.  Going would mean exhausting my savings.  My search for meaning, and intense addiction to self-discovery and growth make me FEEL like I need to go.  But then the chatter starts in my brain: “That’s a lot of money.”  “What if it doesn’t do anything for you?”  “Are you using this as a crutch to not deal with your emotions?”  “You’re better off not going.”  “You can self-discover without spending an arm and a leg!”  I’ve gone back and forth a million times in the past week between my fearful brain and desiring heart.  My heart believes that there is no need to be attached to material wealth, and that if you created it once, you can always rebuild it.  Based on that, spending whatever amount on this journey shouldn’t be an issue, right?  But, then, there’s all the other BS.  You know, the stuff we were taught (most often as a result of fear), or we  learned somewhere along the way; like: “Be smart about your money.”  “Having money equals safety.”  “Be responsible.”  So here I am, stuck between what I intuitively know versus the learned fears, and actively working on silencing the confusing chatter.

What do we do when we THINK we don’t know what to do?  We look outside ourselves.  We pray, ask friends/loved ones, and now with a lil something called technology we are able to get information in a split second.  We look for people who’ve had similar experiences, we want advice, someone to tell us it’s all going to be ok – ultimately, to guide us in the “right” direction.  That, however, only adds to the chatter.  People encourage us and we think “Yea I can do this!”  Or if they say, “Hmmm that’s risky.”  We think, “Yea you’re probably right,” and get discouraged.  What if I told you that you already know what you want, what you should do?  You do.  You just have to take the time to quiet the chatter and take a southbound trip from the head to the heart.  And, the reality is, there is no right direction; there’s just your path however you choose to create it.  Trust that you are being guided by the source of your intuition, if you just slow down, quiet down and check in with your heart.  Trust that regardless of the outcome, you will have the strength to continue on your path; not right or wrong, just yours.  Trust your heart.  Be a feeler.