Did your thoughts just rush to the overflowing drawers and closets at home, or the desk you can no longer find, but you know is there, in your office, somewhere, under all the piles of paper?  While de-cluttering your outer space(s) can open new pathways for energy to flow, cleaning out your internal space can do wonders on so many levels.  So, what do I mean “cleaning out your internal space…”?  My, my, my you have some good questions 😉

Our bodies are under attack…cover, tuck, and roll…tuck, cover, and roll?  eh I tried… what’s a post without a lil drama, huh?  Our air is toxic, our water is toxic, processed foods are toxic, sugar is toxic, shall I continue?  You’re a smart cookie, you get it.  I’m not trying to freak you out, it’s the reality of the world we live in.  The standard American diet (SAD, if you will, and I’m sure the acronym is no accident) is the clutter I’m referring to when it comes to our physical space; it keeps us in a mental fog and emotional discomfort.  We are living in a time with the highest rates of obesity, chronic illness, and preventable deaths, among many other ills brought on by the SAD.  Further than the deterioration of our physical health, our food choices have also aggravated the occurence of ADD, ADHD, depression, and a whole slew of emotional/mental disorders.  The impact food has on our emotional and mental health is rarely discussed because the pharmaceutical industry and doctors benefit from prescribing medication to treat symptoms, without ever getting to the root of the problem.  So lemme break it down for you.  The SAD (standard American diet, in case you weren’t paying attention, it’s ok blame it on that chocolate bar you ate after that frozen dinner you had for lunch, making your brain foggy and hazy, it’s alright, don’t worry) consists of fast food, junk food, processed food, frozen food…all full of preservatives, toxins, sugar, chemicals, and void of real nutritional value; that is definitely a recipe for feeling like crap mentally, physically, and emotionally.  This is not just something I learned either, I have had personal experience and have conducted my own tests on the matter.  You remember that post on how I was being a b*$@# … if not, go back and read it.


My latest experiment on myself was a detox program.  A good friend of mine, Cirenia, is a Detox Coach (hey, we can all use a health coach, even me) and I decided to sign up for her program.  Now, being that it is HER program, I cannot give you all of the details, but you can click on her facebook link if you’d like to get in contact with her, I totally recommend her.  I will say that a lot of it consisted of raw fruits and vegetables.  This 4-week detox took me to a whole other level.  It literally helped me clear the clutter of my body and mind.  As a result, I think clearer, my memory has improved (even for random things, like where I parked my car), my energy has shot through the roof (as if that was possible, right?), I lost about 10 lbs, my skin looks amazing, my mood is more stable.  I can go on with the benefits I have experienced; in fact, I’ll share that someone told me it seemed like I had tapped into some internal light, like I was now a beacon.  I’ve always known I have a lot of light and love to share, but this took me to a whole other level.  What happens when you clear clutter?  It’s easier to find things, and there are no distractions; and with no blockage, your light shines brighter.

Right now, evaluate how you feel.  Are you tired?  Depressed?  Can’t think straight?  I can almost promise you that if you were to clean up your diet for AT LEAST 1-2 weeks you will tap into a better you on so many levels, that you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.  So here’s what I propose:  this week add in as many raw fruits and vegetables as you can, and eliminate all the yucky processed foods keeping you in a slump.  You can juice, eat them raw, make salads (you can use olive oil, lemon and balsamic as dressing).  You can eat whenever you want, as long as it’s raw fruits and vegetables.  If you’re brave enough to turn up your light, try it for next week, too.  I will be expecting your comments to see how it went…I’m holding you accountable, but I KNOW you can do it.  Now go clear your clutter and as always, shine bright…