I usually wake up with a lot of love in my heart, and today was no exception.  I love to love people up.  When I am kind, caring, and loving toward others is when I feel most alive, most in alignment, and most connected with Source/Universe/God (whichever your belief is, for me it’s Universe).  On Valentine’s Day we are reminded to show our loved ones how much we care (if we haven’t been doing that already all year long).  But, when was the last time you remembered to love YOU?  To show yourself how much you care for YOU?


The past year has been one of evolution and growth for me, during which, I learned the importance of self-love and self-care.  Sure, we all know the cliché sayings along the lines of, “You have to love yourself before you can love someone else,” and yea, that’s a beautiful idea, but so are all the million and one things that we “know” but never put into practice for one reason or another.  In my experience, I learned that I was looking for someone or something to feel whole, fulfilled; and what I found was that I was still empty.  Many times we find things and people to fill our lives and souls because we are afraid to be with ourselves, to sit still, to be with our own thoughts; we are afraid of what we might find, so alas, we stay in relationships and situations that don’t feel right because at least it’s better than being alone.  In the end it’s all clutter, stored upon unstable shelves…and sooner or later it will inevitably fall apart; that, or, no matter what temporary external satisfaction you find, you will, nonetheless, be perpetually unfulfilled.  But hey now, I didn’t mean to sound all emo and grave on such a beautiful day…

One of the most amazing lessons the Universe has taught me was that love comes from within.  We are all whole, in this moment, as we are.  You, me…independently of each other, we are whole.  You are not broken, you are not just a piece of the puzzle…with all your intricacies, layers, and beautiful qualities, perfect in your imperfection, you are already complete.  When I realized this, I began my adventure of self-discovery.  I nurtured my mind, body, and soul.  I learned what was important for me, what my priorities are, what I am not willing to compromise, and things I love to do.  I went to Disneyland by myself, started working out every day, went to restaurants by myself.  I continue to give myself the time and care I deserve on a daily basis, I dedicate love songs to myself, and, I’ll even confess to you that last Valentine’s Day I bought myself a card and wrote a love note to myself because, who better to profess undying and unconditional love to me, than ME.  Loving myself up, is just as important, if not more, to me as loving everyone else up.  And that is how I let my light shine.  So today, while we continue to show our love for the special people in our lives through kind gestures, words, flowers, chocolates, and dinner, I ask you to do something extra special for the most important person in your life:  YOU.  Love yourself up, you’re worth it, you deserve it.

Happy Love Day!