If you know me, you know I’m generally a happy jumping bean; you know, high on life.  So when the past few months threw a mood swing, (guys, cover your eyes for this one) –> PMS curve-ball at me, I was determined to figure out a solution.  If I remember correctly, it started back around November, where about 1-2 weeks before my (guys, cover your eyes again!) period I was extremely moody, irritable, wanted to sleep a lot…I even started to think I was dealing with depression.  I mean, it was BAD!  During that 1-2 weeks I would question everything in my life, I was very anxious, I threw tantrums (I may have even stomped my feet) and got cranky, and often my best friend had to deal with it (SORRY!)…are you starting to see how bad it really was?  I really was acting like a total “B”!!!  In an effort to help ease the annoyance with myself my best friend even said, “Well, you can’t be ‘little miss sunshine’ ALL the time!  It’s normal!”  But, me being me, and not accepting it, I decided to monitor it to find a solution.

Step 1 was that I was able to pinpoint that it was hormone related, as I realized the direct correlation between the mood and the proximity of my (guys, you know what to do) period.  Next, I started to think back to when it began to figure out if there was anything I had changed… and sure enough I had definitely veered off my diet path to less favorable food options: I had started eating more dairy – cheese, greek yogurt – which I had not eaten in a VERY LONG time, I was also eating out more, I started eating fish (after being a vegetarian for 2 years), and I was allowing myself more sugar in the form of desserts and snacks.  Some of the things I was eating were full of synthetic hormones, not organic, and/or were full of havoc-wreaking sugar.  Considering my diet had consisted of raw, organic fruits and vegetables, juicing, smoothies and things of that nature for a very long time… no wonder my hormones were going crazy!

As I made my way back to a diet that works for me, something great happened, I started to get a cold.  As sarcastic as that may sound, I’m actually really serious.  Here’s why: I rarely get sick, so, call me crazy, but I knew that I had gotten this cold as a hint to slow down and get some sleep.  As soon as I felt the onset of that sore throat I went to my secret weapon: juicing.  My daily diet consisted of juices, smoothies, and soups because the body needs the energy that would otherwise be spent digesting heavier foods to heal itself; so liquid nutrition is the best thing, especially adding some ginger and lemon to the mix 😉 I drank a lot of water, herbal teas, and made sure I got plenty of sleep.  I also doubled up on my vitamins, yup, I DOUBLED the dosage.  That means my multi-vitamin, vitamin C, B-complex (my other supplements I took as I normally do).  I didn’t realize that this also happened to be 1-2 weeks before that time of the month and I was in the BEST mood, or rather a mood that is normal for me!  Not only did I squash the cold in 3 days, the steps I took also had the side-effect of balancing my hormones and mood!

Like 10 lightbulbs and lots of whistles and bells went off in my head.  Here’s the moral of the story: both proper supplementation AND diet are crucial for hormone balance, and thus, a happier, more consistent mood.  Many times we do not associate our emotional state with what we eat, or stop to consider we may be deficient in a certain vitamin; the reason there’s a connection is because of hormones.  Food and supplements (or vitamin-deficiencies) have an effect on hormones, and thus, how you feel.  If you deal with mood swings, PMS, lack of energy, etc on a regular basis, know that there are many things you can do about it.

Like anything else, it’s baby steps in a direction that feels better.  It may seem overwhelming to figure out which supplements to take because of the amount of information and products there are.  The easiest thing is to start with a good multi-vitamin.  I use this plant-based multi, which I find better than the synthetic stuff because it doesn’t make me nauseous even if I take it on an empty stomach.  From there, you can make small, yet significant, changes to your diet; like adding more raw fruits and veggies and phasing out some of the processed foods.  As I’ve said before, it’s all about listening to your body and taking steps that are realistic and reasonable for you.  If that midday snack of soda and a bag of chips is making you tired, ditch it; chances are it’s also affecting your mood.  Be happy, be healthy…you have the choice.  You have the power.  Doesn’t it feel good to know that?

As always, much love, glitter, and unicorns!