For as long as I can remember I was obsessed with my weight.  In fact, I was overweight well into my high school years.  I hated weighing myself because I knew I would not be happy with the 3-digit number glaring back at me.  And we all know those doctor’s visits where we have to jump on the scale; that’s even worse because then there’s a witness, someone there to document that freakin’ number we hate so much.  Of course, nobody wants to hear me go off about weight right around the holidays with all the tamales, baked goodies, gourmet popcorn, (fill in the blank with all your holiday favorites)…and that’s not exactly what this is about so don’t be all pouty-lipped at this post.

It wasn’t until I stopped focusing on weight that things like going to the gym actually became fun.  Yes, FUN.  Gasp and sigh all you want, but working out can actually be fun, and eating well doesn’t have to be a chore.  But it will be if all you’re focused on is that number on the scale; and if every time the scale points and laughs at your failed attempts you think “what’s the point!?” then, put simply, yes, what’s the point?  You sure as heck aren’t enjoying the process, and worse, only beating yourself up for not being at the magic number society and advertising tells you you should be.  So, how about you find something to enjoy about it?  Something that makes it BIGGER than just a weight goal?  Your reasons for living a healthier lifestyle should be so powerful that they PULL you rather than PUSH you.  For example, “I really should lose weight,” versus “I would LOVE to have the energy to run around with my kids.”  Huge difference between, “I should” and “I would LOVE to,” right?  Find the “I would LOVE to” reasons and stop looking at it as “I should.”  We don’t ever want to do the stuff we feel obligated to do…find what fuels you and make it a reason to be healthier.

la foto-1With that said, I understand that in the process of reaching a goal there still needs to be a yardstick, a measure, of your progress.  Which is why I’m trying a lil something called the Quantum Scale.  I know you’re thinking, “Ok this wacko just went off talking about not weighing yourself and blah blah blah…” BUT the Quantum Scale is not your typical scale.  So not typical that it never tells you your weight; but in terms of tracking progress every time you get on it, the Quantum Scale will tell you how much weight you’ve lost or gained since the first time you got on it.  At first I thought to myself, “A scale is a scale.”  I THINK I may have been wrong, though.  I just got my Quantum Scale recently, I chose a green one as you can see (it comes in six different colors, in case you were wondering), and I programmed my weight (which it did not show me, but like a good friend it kept the secret for me).  Since then I’ve been weighing myself occasionally.  I do not weigh myself every day and my suggestion is that you shouldn’t either; there are so many other beautiful, wonderful, amazing things to focus your energy on.  To my surprise when I did weigh myself for the first time after programming my weight, this lil guy told me I had lost 1.2 lbs.  Now I get this is minor but let me help you visualize the difference of this versus a regular scale.  I get on my Quantum Scale and I get a fabulous “-1.2 lbs” and my reaction/feeling is “HECK YEA!”  Now, on a regular scale even if I had gone down the same amount, I would’ve seen a number that maybe I didn’t like because it is not my “ideal weight” by standards outside my own.  I say it this way because our idea of how much we should weigh is rarely our own; it’s been clouded and mis-formed by magazine images, TV ads, society, etc.  In my opinion, it’s just not healthy.  So far, I like the feeling of tracking my progress with a “hey, you’re up 4 lbs” or “awesome! you’re down 3 lbs.”  You can learn more about the Quantum Scale here.  I will follow up later with a more in-depth review once I’ve used it for a while.  In the meantime hugs and happy holidays you lovely, perfect person, you.