This year has been nothing short of incredible.  Oddly enough, it began with what, at the time, seemed like world-shattering news (ok, ok, maybe it’s not THAT dramatic); shortly thereafter, I decided to take a HUGE risk and quit my full-time, stable job to follow my dreams.  Many thought I was nuts (although, I do not argue that I am a little off kilter), and some even tried to talk me out of it or, rather, talk some sense into me.  In retrospect, those two events catapulted me into the most magical year of my life, thus far.  There have been many of those “Oh $*#@” moments, for sure.  The “what am I doing?” and “what SHOULD I be doing?” voices in my head had to be quieted many times (often with the help of my amazing friends and family).  However, even in those moments of fear, there are two things I have never stopped doing: being grateful, and following my bliss.  Through thought, perspective, positivity, and choice I have created a life I love.  I can’t explain it, but deep down I have always felt that I live in a magical Universe, where no matter what happens, I will always be OK.  I’ve experienced so much…MAGIC… this year that you wouldn’t even believe.  Like healing from a medical condition in exactly one year, without the use of Western medicine and without invasive procedures; landing dream job, after dream job; meeting incredible people to help me, love me, teach me, inspire me.

I share this with you on Thanksgiving because one of my wishes is for you to create a life you love, too.  So, follow your dreams, dwell in possibility, choose happiness, visualize, live in a world where anything is possible, be grateful for all the little things (and the big things, too); let your love, kindness, gratitude, joy, and positivity be contagious and watch the Universe put on a magic show just for you.

The Universe is awesome, you just have to believe it.

Happy Thanksgiving!