Dang, I did not know it was this difficult to find a seat at Starbucks!  Funny I’m sitting here (after being outside, coming inside to avoid second-hand smoke, having to sit on the floor, then FINALLY getting a spot!) as I type about how it’s going on my sugar detox.  Here.  Where people come to get their caffeine and sugar fix.  But I sit here drinking my warm water.  If you know me, you know I don’t like coffee, never have; but I do, however, like the free wi-fi when I’m on the road.

September has been my favorite month of the year so far, and this past week, specifically, has been pretty amazing; crazy busy, but amazing, nonetheless.  Why I decided to do a sugar detox during the busiest month so far, hmmm I don’t know.  Ok, but on to my update.  I faltered.  I did.  BUT I am not judging or beating myself up for it. I started on Monday, and did a juice/smoothie cleanse for 3 days.  That picture you see there on the left is me looking down at what was my liquid breakfast for those 3 days: a green smoothie, minus the fruit.  I actually became pretty good at making up a savory, as opposed to sweet, morning smoothie (I will include the particular recipe for this one below).

Thursday, Day 4, came around and I knew it would be difficult because I would be at Univision LA’s 50th Anniversary Celebration pretty much all day.  I was somewhat prepared; I made a big batch of my morning smoothie and put it into two cups, so at least I knew I would have SOMETHING.  So yesterday was exactly what I expected: running around, some more running around, followed by dancing, having some fun and ending the night at 2am.  I was actually good all day.  Can you believe that they had a beautiful candy bar display for dessert and I did not touch it!!???  ME!  Seriously, I didn’t even stop to look.  The real issue came at 2am.  Night of glamour was over (check out the pic below, that’s me in the yellow) and I was starving!  I was staying in the hotel so…rooooooom service!  My beautiful friend Steph and I ordered a veggie sandwich, a roasted veggie salad, and, yes, sweet potato fries all to share.  Little did we know we would get a huge plate and a half of fries!!  Starved, we dug in til our bellies were happy and full.  I ACCIDENTALLY ate a half of a grape, because there were grapes in the salad (I promise I didn’t know).  Why am I focusing on the half a grape, though, when the real culprit was that plate of delicious fries!?  So there it went, sugar detox derailed.


It doesn’t stop there, though.  Steph and I had previously planned to have an early lunch at one of our favorite vegan restaurants.  So after check-out we headed over to Sage Vegan Bistro.  I indulged in some pita bread with humus and a dolma; pita bread and the rice in the dolma were a no-no on this sugar detox.  My meal, however, was fabulous AND sugar-detox friendly: a Tuscan Bowl with quinoa, sautéed kale, and grilled veggies.  Once the plates were cleared and once again, our bellies happy and full, we get the all-to-familiar “Any room for dessert?”  Now, I must explain that sharing a space with Sage, is the most amazing vegan ice cream and treats, KindKreme.  I did fight it for a bit.  In fact, originally I didn’t order anything for myself, even when the waiter mentioned they now make their own, fresh, vegan cookies.  He added that they are soft and chewy, and in my head I was like, “Dude just stop with the making my mouth water!”  Anyhow, Steph ordered a yummy treat with a scoop of the chocolate raw, vegan ice cream sandwiched in between some vegan, chew, melty, delicious, chocolate chip cookies.  They brought two forks with this little piece of heaven and Steph said, “We can share it.”  So we did.  I’m calling this Sugar Detox train a runaway!

I will even tell you I got some cookies to go, they are sitting in my car in a brown, to-g0 dessert box all yummy and stuff.  I plan to share them with my sister tonight after our Stairclimb to the Top race tonight.  We will need the sugar and carbs after racing to the top of the US Bank Building in Downtown LA (75 floors and 1,500 steps).

With all that said, I noticed amazing results in the first 4 days of my detox: 7 pound weight loss, even more energy (didn’t think that was possible for me), clearer skin, and decrease in cravings.  The important thing to remember whenever you feel you’ve gone off-track with ANYTHING, is that every moment is a chance to make a different choice.  Having the sugar, or “forbidden” foods in those moments were choices I consciously made, and choices that I was OK with; it worked for me in the moment.  Therefore, there is no judging, no beating myself up, or feeling bad.  I will be hopping back on the detox train tomorrow.  I wasn’t expecting to have a perfect 21 day Sugar Detox, but I AM expecting to do the best I can do…and that is perfect for me.  Whatever changes YOU want to make in your life, remember if you fall off, you can always, always, get back on at the next stop.

Wish you a super happy and awesome weekend!!  Hugs!




Here’s the recipe for what I’m sure you’re perceiving as the green gunk in the picture at the top haha!

1 1/2 cups of water
3 leaves of kale
1 handful of spinach
Ginger (to taste)
the juice of 1 lemon
1 tsp of cardamom powder
1 tbsp of cinnamon
1 tsp Spirulina powder
2 tbsp liquid probiotic
1/4 avocado