I stepped back from counting macros for a bit for a couple of reasons: chicken and meat were grossing me out, and after blood tests revealed sensitivities to eggs and peas (aka pea protein) and all things dairy, I’ve had an interesting time finding replacement protein sources.  But, more importantly, I’ve had a very loooooong unhealthy relationship with my body and food.  Starting from a very young age, I was bullied for being overweight… it was a matter of time before the depression set in, followed by eating disorders, weight loss pills, restricting only to binge, all in a vicious cycle and no matter what, it was never good enough.  Every time a new fad diet came along I immediately thought, “THIS IS IT!  This will work, and I will finally have the body of my dreams!”  There I go on the bandwagon…

Sometimes habits and thoughts are embedded so deep that they sneak up on you, months, even years later… just when you think they’re a thing of the past.  The reality is that if you’ve dealt with eating disorders, or body dysmorphic disorder , or anything like that, you are always at risk of those thoughts and behaviors being triggered or coming back.  Awareness is so important.

Macro counting unintentionally became another form of restriction for me that triggered some of those thoughts and behaviors.  If you’ve ever used My Fitness Pal or counted macros, you know what a game of tetris it could be… I found it quite fun at first and it was exciting to hit all my numbers spot on.  But then came the guilt when I didn’t, the stress of eating out and not being able to weigh anything, the bingeing on weekends, getting upset with myself, and starting back up on Monday.  There was the frustration with not seeing the scale budge.  Then realizing that I was so focused on numbers that health (both mental and physical) took a backseat…heck, not even a backseat, they weren’t even in the car anymore.

By no means am I saying tracking all your food is bad.  In fact, I might go back to it at some point.  I think it’s a GREAT tool to reach your goals, and to be aware of what you are consuming in a day.  BUT when you have an unhealthy relationship with food, and when your weight loss goal becomes a bit obsessive it’s time to step back and analyze what is really going on and how you can heal that FIRST.  Even if it’s not the first time you’ve “healed” that particular issue.

So here are the steps I’m taking and maybe they can help you, too:

  1. I’m not worrying about my weight.  Ever since I can remember I have tried to suck in my stomach (side note: that actually has led to all sorts of issues with posture and back pain that I am also working on correcting now).  So I’m learning to love the belly.  Any time a negative thought about weight or physical appearance pops up I replace it with a loving thought (which is something we can all benefit from doing every day!).  I’m focusing on health and how I feel, versus the image that I might see in the mirror (which to be honest, my perspective might be a bit distorted anyway!).
  2. I am working on healing my adrenal glands and balancing my hormones.  I recently had some blood work that showed an underactive thyroid, some adrenal glands that are a bit fatigued and hormones that are out of whack.  So I’m putting my health first.  Taking the necessary supplements to re-balance, but also taking a chill pill on super intense workouts (I was doing CrossFit 4-5 x per week and the physical stress only makes the situation worse), meditating every day to calm my anxious mind (which contributed to the adrenal fatigue to begin with), and eating healing foods… which leads me to…
  3. I am eating REAL FOOD.  So many times we get caught up in the hype of these fad diets that promise amazing results, the abs we’ve always wanted, and the gains we dream about.  We villainize food, and cut out entire food groups – only to realize that you may not be able to maintain that for the rest of your life.  What happens then?  The other crazy part that I HAVE TO mention… I see these instagram accounts about flexible dieting and counting macros where they make some gnarly recipes that “fit in your macros” but are not necessarily the healthiest foods.  I’m talking hot cheetos, gummy bears, and all sorts of super processed and random foods just because you have some numbers to spare.  Our relationship with food has become so distorted.  I mean, I know all that stuff is delicious, and we all need a treat sometimes… but my point is it is not REAL FOOD.  It doesn’t fuel you the way REAL FOOD does.  It does not contribute to your overall health the way REAL FOOD does.  So for now I’m focusing on REAL FOOD (while eliminating the foods I’m sensitive to): vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, legumes, ground turkey (it’s like the only meat that doesn’t gross me out right now), and some fish.  If I’m hungry I eat, but instead of mindlessly snacking I get some fruit or veggies and savor each bite, appreciating the taste of nature.  It’s pretty cool what starts to happen when you focus your meals around the foods nature intended.  You start to notice when you really are hungry, cravings start to subside, and you’re nourishing your body from the inside out.

If you’re currently overwhelmed with all the information on diets: keto, paleo, no-carb, all-carb, vegan, etc, etc… to the point where it is causing you anxiety, take a step back.  If you realize you have an unhealthy relationship with food and your body, go back to basics: leave the numbers behind for a little bit, eat REAL FOOD, drink plenty of water, if you’re hungry, eat.  Let go of guilt.  Food doesn’t have to be a source of anxiety and stress.  Focus on your mental health, and focus on nourishing your body while you heal your mind.  Show yourself love and compassion in the process.  I promise to do the same.

Sending you lots of love and unicorn magic,



It’s that simple.  You want something, MAKE IT HAPPEN.  If you have a dream, find out how to materialize it.  Impossible is just an illusion created by fear.  I have a couple of theories on how the word “impossible” came to be: Either someone tried something at some point that was difficult, and the level of sacrifice and work it was going to take probably deterred them from seeing it through to the point of realization OR someone had a dream or goal, but didn’t even know where to start so they never even tried.  Truth is, there are people achieving “impossible” things every single day.  When someone tells you your dreams are “impossible” they are telling you based on their experience.  Don’t let their beliefs limit what you are capable of creating and achieving.  No matter who tells you what, decide RIGHT NOW that whatever is in your heart is possible because YOU are going to make it POSSIBLE.  No matter what it takes, decide RIGHT NOW that you will work for what you want and overcome obstacles along the way.  Defy the odds, defy the nay-sayers, ACHIEVE the IMPOSSIBLE.  Because you can.  Check out some tips below to help you become one of those achievers of impossible things…

-Write down your dream/goal, and be very specific
-Work your way backwards from your goal to determine the steps it will take you to get there, and write each step down
-Do ONE THING EVERY DAY that gets you closer to your goal (whether that’s research on your goal, networking, sending emails, creating content, etc)
-Believe that you can do ANYTHING

I believe in you…


I wanted to be on TV ever since I was about 7 years old.  One day I’ll share the story of how that idea even got lodged in my head.  But once something is in there, it’s hard to get it out.  I’m pretty stubborn.  It was a long journey, but I made it happen.  In fact, I ended up working at one of the biggest Spanish language networks in the country, which is the company I still work for.  I’ve also had the opportunity to work as a reporter for some big name teams in sports: Lakers and LA Galaxy.  I’ve worked hard and never given up no matter what life threw at me.  I got knocked down, but I got back up.

I have always known I’m meant for BIG things.  Of course, I’ve doubted and second-guessed myself and questioned my own talent and worth at times, but through it all I have always had a sense that no matter what, I am going to make it.  Please note that “make it” means different things to different people.  In my case, I want to use television and radio as a tool to motivate and inspire.  My goal has ALWAYS been to make a difference.


There have been some really dark times in my life, I’ve been a freelancer, not knowing when my next job or check was going to come; I’ve been laid off; I’ve felt lost; I’ve felt unfulfilled; I’ve wondered if I was on the right path.  I think we all go through these feelings and thoughts at some point.  But for me, what has kept me going – aside from my stubborn attitude – is that deep down I have this voice that always reminds me that no matter what I’m going to be ok.  I’m always going to be ok.  It’s that same voice that tells me I’m meant for GREATNESS.  I’ve always known I was special, but you see the crazy thing is there’s nothing special about me.  I am no different than you.  I am no more capable than you.  I am not smarter than you.  I am not better than you.  I don’t have better or more resources than you.  So yes, I’m special, I can make ANYTHING happen, I’m certain of that.  But there’s nothing special about me because YOU can make ANYTHING happen, too…and yes, I’m certain of that as well.  So what are you waiting for?  GO make ANYTHING happen 😉

Lots of love,


I haven’t been suicidal since I was 13.  But the depression and anxiety still come in waves.  Sometimes triggered by things I’m aware of, but sometimes they come like a tsunami with no warning.  I have never taken meds, that’s just my personal choice, but I’ve learned to manage.  Mostly I’ve found I have an inner strength capable of overcoming anything.  And I’ve also found that once the depression has lifted I’m an incredibly happy and motivated person.  Though sometimes the episodes leave residue of anxiety, my coping strategies help.  Even when things seem bleak (at least by the picture my sometimes depressed mind paints) I have an awareness within that whispers, “everything is going to be ok” and I truly believe that.  Every single time.  I share this because I’m pretty sure I’m not alone. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, generalized anxiety disorder affects 6.8 million adults, and major depressive disorder is the leading cause of disability in the U.S. for ages 15 to 44.  And those are just TWO of the disorders associated with depression and anxiety.  When you’re in it, it feels like a dark, empty hole with no exit in sight.  Those days (or weeks, or even months) I feel like an absolute hypocrite because I do what I can to be a source of motivation and positivity for others.  In fact, I feel like my purpose is to inspire others and believe in them so much that they believe in themselves.  But, I mean, how can I do that the times I don’t even want to get out of bed (because, yes, that happens sometimes)?

I’ve had enough experience with these waves that I know they will pass.  Awareness has been so important during my episodes because I’m able to point out symptoms of my anxiety/depression and muster enough strength to do the opposite of what I feel.  For example, when I don’t want to get out of bed, I force myself to shower, and do my makeup and hair.  I listen to music that I love.  I read positive material.  And I wait for it to pass, however long that may take.  But it is that strength that lets me get through it each time that reminds me that I am truly UNBREAKABLE.  I have a soul that, though it struggles with its demons, cannot be hurt, damaged or broken.  This strength is not unique to me.  Because of this (and many other experiences I will one day share with you), I am convinced that my purpose is to remind others of their strength, too.  So I guess I’m not a hypocrite after all, because how else would I know to motivate and inspire you, without my own story to tell?  In fact, it is in these moments that I am focused on YOU… on inspiring you… on helping you find YOUR strength… that I start to feel like I’m in control again.  It is in being a light for others that I can find my way out of my own darkness.


P.S.  If you’re struggling with anxiety and depression there is help, you don’t have to go through it alone.  If you have thoughts of suicide please contact the National Suicide Prevention Hotline 1-800-273-TALK [8255], because this world needs you.


Sending you lots of love & strength…



Inertia:  the tendency of a physical object to remain still or to continue moving, unless a force is applied to it.  Also defined as disinclination to move or act.  This is how the world we live in works.  It’s physics.  This is how WE work.  That’s why it’s so important to build momentum to work toward the goals you want to achieve, because lemme tell ya if you’re stuck in inaction physics says that’s where you’re gonna stay… well, at least until something propels you into action!  The question is, can you propel YOURSELF into action?

I know you want to be someone who wakes up every morning to crush goals.  I do, too!  I’ve gotten into this horrible routine of sleeping in and taking naps whenever I can… that’s totally not productive and it isn’t getting me closer to my dreams.  It’s so much easier to avoid doing the things we know we should be doing, and instead waste time with distractions like TV, sleep, social media, etc.  Changing those habits and jumping into action seems sooooo overwhelming and difficult that, as Newton’s law states, we remain stuck in inaction.  Because, yes, it will take a lot of energy to overcome inertia.  But if you’re ready to get moving here’s what I propose:

  1.  Identify the reason you are disinclined to move or act and realize it only exists in your head.
    -Is it fear of failing?  Laziness? Does it feel too difficult or overwhelming?  Are any of these things REAL?  Once you understand what it is, you can start to deconstruct the thought or feeling and take away it’s power.  These are all thoughts; thoughts about who you believe you are.  Replace those beliefs with empowering ones.  Who do you WANT to be.  Make that your reality and screw everything else!
  2. When you are lacking motivation borrow someone else’s.
    -Watch motivating videos on youtube
    -Read from some of the top motivating teachers, some of my favorites include:  Tony Robbins, Lisa Nichols, Craig Ballantyne, Gary Vaynerchuk
    -Have an accountability buddy.  Find a friend and keep each other accountable with your goals, and motivate each other
  3. Feed the positive energy and eliminate the negative
    -Create a motivating playlist.  I have one called “Fired Up” & it includes songs like: The Fighter, Hall of Fame, and Thunder (these are some of my favorites that I listen to on repeat!)
    -Monitor your thoughts, and learn to replace thoughts that do not serve you with more positive ones.  For example, when you have the thought “I can’t do that,” replace it with, “I CAN DO ANYTHING” … because YOU REALLY CAN!
    -Create a gratitude journal where every day you write the things you are grateful for, this will get you into a more positive frame of mind
  4. Create momentum: this law of physics also states that an object in motion will remain in motion in the same direction until force is applied to either stop it or make it change direction.  Which means that when you take small steps daily, you can create the momentum to keep you moving in the direction of your goals!
    -Write down 2 action steps you can take DAILY.  When you accomplish these things day after day you will not only be creating the energy needed to overcome inaction, but you will also be building self-confidence!

The only way to really live the life of your dreams and accomplish all your goals is to take ACTION.  Here’s to overcoming inertia and becoming massive action-takers so that nothing can stop us, after all, it’s physics!

P.S.  If you need an accountability buddy let me know!!!  😉

Sending you lots of love and unicorn magic for an amazing week,


Life is interesting.  It’s beautiful.  And then it sucks.  It’s exciting.  And then it’s hard.  It’s amazing.  And then it’s overwhelming.  But it is happening.  NOW.

Yes, THIS MOMENT is your life, and it is all we ever have.  Not the past, not the future…but this very moment is all we have and all we can control.  We get so caught up in the past, in wanting things to be different than they are, or worrying about the future that we are constantly letting our lives pass us by.  We avoid pain at all cost.  We multi-task, and have shorter and shorter attention spans so we rarely enjoy people and experiences.  We overthink and constantly avoid the now.  But it is only when we are fully present to the moment that we are truly living.  When our minds and attention are here… not there or over there… we awaken to the only thing that exists: THIS MOMENT.

Every moment, beautiful or difficult, is an opportunity to grow, learn, evolve, and love.  But only if you’re present and aware.  If you’re ready to embrace this moment and every moment no matter what it may bring here are some tips:

  1.  Breathe.  Take deep breaths, inhaling and exhaling slowly through your nose.  Repeat.
  2. Take inventory.  Look around you.  What do you see, hear, smell?  Are you sitting or standing?  How does that feel?  Start with your toes and move your way up through every part of your body, how does your body feel?
  3. How can you grow/learn from this very moment?  Can you love more, forgive more, be more compassionate?  Or is it simply a moment to take in and appreciate?

Here’s to living in the moment, because it’s all we’ve got ❤

Sending love & unicorn magic your way,

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Do you remember learning that song as a kid? Do you remember how exciting it was to constantly be learning and experiencing new things as a child? Or what about seeing the wide-eyed wonderment on a mini-person’s face as she tastes ice cream for the first time, or he comes face to face with a puppy? Children are constantly in a state of learning and absorbing all of the information around them. The world is so new to them and full of exciting happenings. But, something happens as we grow up, and responsibilities and conditioning set in; we kind of forget that life is STILL all about learning. Sometimes we become so used to the activities in our lives, the drive to work, to-do lists, and so on and so forth, that monotony is the norm and we turn on the autopilot switch. How many times have you driven home from work and didn’t even really remember how you got home? And not because you had too many margaritas at happy hour (NEVER drink and drive!). But back to my point… life makes it easy to pass up opportunities to learn and grow. And even when the lesson is heading our way like a ball at full speed, quite frankly, we know how to play the game and rather dodge or duck than feel the full force of a painful lesson.

what was i learning

If we are not learning and growing, what’s the point? We were put on this planet, in this lifetime, for the evolution of our soul. Sometimes this requires pain, sometimes joy, sometimes ups, and sometimes downs, but at the end of it all there’s an upwards and onwards sort of movement and growth that molds who you are into who you’re meant to be; but, only if you’re willing and open to it. Every single day is filled with opportunities for Aha moments, for letting go, for building your faith, for understanding, for love, for truth…and even for those lessons that are not that pretty, but yet necessary if we ever want to move forward. The lessons are there. Life is pretty good about figuring out ways to teach you something, but only if you’re paying attention. If you never stop and smell the roses how will you know if you like the scent? If you’re allergic? If you prefer the scent of tulips? Or if you simply don’t like sniffing flowers? Imagine how much you could grow, how your career could skyrocket, how you could thrive in so many areas of your life if you opened yourself up to learning something new every single day? Are you in? Cool, I thought so. Below I give you a few tips to open your eyes and heart to life’s lessons.

-Slow down

-Breathe, deeply and slowly

-Be aware of thoughts of the past or of the future, release, and become present to this moment

-Take a moment to look around and take in your surroundings

– Feel your body: how do your toes and feet feel on the floor? Are you sitting in a chair…how does it feel? Can you feel the slightest breeze on your cheek if you really slow down?

– Imagine yourself as a child experiencing everything around you for the first time

-In moments of frustration, especially involving others (like a boss, or family member that pushes your buttons) pull back from the impulse to react and ask yourself, “what is this person here to teach me?”

-When you react quickly to triggers, whether in anger, or any other emotion, ask yourself, “what does this tell me about myself?” or “why does that trigger this emotion for me?”

-A few questions to check in with yourself: “Who am I being right now? Do I like this person? What choices can I make to reflect the best version of myself?”

-At the end of the day, before bed, make a journal entry titled “What did I learn today?” It can be one lesson, it can be many

the day you stop learning

You have 365 days a year to take one, two, or all of these and transform any given moment into a lesson. If you started now, how much could you learn and grow in a year? So, what did you learn today?


Sending you lots of love and unicorn magic,


Our minds have a funny way of convincing us of imaginary things. And the worst part is we dive into this imaginary world of “I’m not good enough,” “I never get things right,” “I will never find love,” “it’s too hard,” “I can’t do that,” and the list goes on and on pulling our souls into an abyss of victimhood, sadness, and darkness that is inescapable. Ok maybe that’s a little dramatic, but we do get drawn into the ceaseless chatter and believe all sorts of lies about ourselves. It’s so automatic, that we don’t even stop to question the validity of some of the crazy ish in our cabezas. Today I had a pretty cool moment…out of nowhere a good-for-nothing thought found its way into my consciousness, and immediately I mentally found evidence of exactly the opposite, thereby disproving the original negative thought. Poof! Begone! The awesome part about this is that I was almost like an observer watching my mind find evidence to prove itself wrong in a matter of a split second. *Insert thumbs up emoji here*

You can do this, too. Say, for example, you make a mistake, and immediately your mind goes to “You suck,” “you always make mistakes,” “go crawl under a rock,” etc. In that moment, pull the needle off the broken record and instead search your memory bank for experiences that prove exactly the opposite…you know, that you’re a pretty cool person, and that, while you might make mistakes SOMETIMES, you also get a whole lotta things RIGHT. I guarantee you’re bound to have plenty to choose from…like, maybe, that time you passed a test, or when you got a promotion, or when you rocked that presentation you did. In fact, when you’re bored (instead of spending 3.2 hours on social media) write all the things that you’ve accomplished, the qualities that make you a great person, all the things you’re great at…. keep adding to it every time you do something you’re proud of. So, the next time you want to find a rock big enough to hide under because your mind wants to convince you that you suck at life, you can say…. Hold up! I have a whole list of evidence to prove you wrong, so shut it and go back where you came from!



I don’t know about you, but I was pretty certain that billion and something dollars was MINE! I picked numbers based on unmistakable signs that I had received from the universe the day before the drawing. I asked my boyfriend to pick numbers as well; and I’ve gotta say his numbers looked like winners, too! For a whole day and a half I felt giddy at the thought of winning such a ridiculous amount of money. We made awesome plans for our billions. We imagined helping our families, heck we even mentally bought an island. The dreams and visions were pretty magical and there was an air of hope and excitement for the future. I told myself I was already a billionaire.

And then, all of a sudden, 6 little numbers had the power to make billions of dreams come crashing down to a place called reality.

So, no, most of us didn’t wake up billionaires. Most of us still have to be somewhat responsible adults with bills, jobs, problems…BUT, WHAT IF we were crazy enough to keep dreaming, keep hoping, keep planning as if the future held something ridiculously amazing just for us? WHAT IF we were wild enough to wake up excited about the possibilities before us? WHAT IF we were insane enough to live every single day as if we knew we were going to win the jackpot?

Or what if that’s not crazy at all? There really are BILLIONS of possibilities and you don’t have to play the lotto to get ONE shot. We forget we have options. We settle into lives that we’re not ecstatic, or even semi-happy about. And then we wait for someone else to tell us we have a ONE in 292 MILLION chance of making our dreams come true. I get it, an absurd amount of money may solve some of your problems, it might make you temporarily super excited about life, make you realize you actually hate your job (or maybe you already know that you just don’t think there’s any other option) and quit, and who wouldn’t want to buy whatever they want? And, yes, I played, too…because, why not? And I’m glad I did. That anticipation and that certainty that WHEN I became a billionaire anything and everything would be possible reminded me that anything IS possible. It jolted me out of my routine and into a creative mode (quite possibly why I’m writing this blog after being MIA for a while…sorry peeps!!)…because guess what? Even if nobody hands me a billion dollars just for picking a few numbers the world is still my oyster.  And maybe feeling that way without a billion dollars is the real jackpot.

Most of ya’ll are thinking I’m full of it right about now, but don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I don’t want a billion (or even a million…or even a thousand) dollars. But I also want to wake up every morning looking forward to the possibility that something absolutely amazing might happen today. I want my passion to burn so bright that it makes me jump out of bed before the sun even rises. I want to be as confident as if I was certain I had the winning numbers printed on a small squared paper tucked in my back pocket. I want to be as excited about life as if I was about to be announced as the latest lotto winner. I want to dream as big or bigger than the amount of last night’s lottery. And I don’t want any 6 little numbers to take that away from me, even if I can’t buy a mansion, or a yacht or pay all my bills without a problem for like the rest of my entire life. Because even if we aren’t billionaires yet, we can hope, dream and plan for big, bright futures. We can wake up every day believing that something WONDERFUL is about to happen…and it just might.



This is not meant as medical advice.  I felt it was important I throw that out there.  Over the past few weeks I’ve been dealing with some very uncomfortable symptoms: heartburn (which started after eating chocolate one day, and I was so sad thinking I could never eat that heavenly creation again), bloating, indigestion… and when I say indigestion, I mean I’ve been feeling like my food is not being digested.  I had an apple, I felt it sitting in my upper stomach.  There were days I didn’t even want to eat, so I drank green juice.  I still felt full, and pressure all the way to my chest and throat.  Since the symptoms didn’t subside, I made an appointment to see my naturopath, who explained to me that when there isn’t enough stomach acid being produced the lower esophageal sphincter (LES) doesn’t get the signal to close.

Courtesy: WebMD.com

Courtesy: WebMD.com

The LES is a bundle of muscles at the low end of the esophagus, where it meets the stomach.  Stomach acid signals the LES to close, that way preventing acid and other contents in the stomach from traveling backwards up the esophagus.  When the proton pumps in the stomach are not producing enough acid, this bundle of muscles doesn’t get the message to close.  My naturopath gave me a tincture (a liquid herbal concoction) to stimulate production of acid, especially at every meal.  She also prescribed a test for H. pylori, a bacteria that could be the culprit.  I have yet to get tested for this pesky bacteria because of my busy schedule (although, there really is no excuse!).

I didn’t get better.  In fact, the symptoms got worse.  Nausea and headaches every time I ate.  Then nausea and headaches, even when I had yet to eat!  I gave in and went to Urgent Care thinking, “Ok, FINE, I’ll see what a so-called real doctor says” (since most people don’t consider my naturopath a REAL DOCTOR, even though she is).  Funny enough, I was told the opposite of what my naturopath had told me at Urgent Care: an overproduction of acid was the problem according to the physician’s assistant who saw me.  According to her, the proton pumps in my stomach responsible for acid production were going nuts!  Of course, my first thought was, “Wouldn’t an overproduction of acid actually mean my food would be digested?”  Her response, “Not necessarily.”  She wanted to put me on Prilosec for 30 days.  THIRTY DAYS!  And possibly longer.  The Prilosec would neutralize the acid, while also telling the proton pumps to chill (like my medical jargon? ha!).  So this physician’s assistant gave me some white, and disgusting drink with the disclaimer, “This is gross, but if it works we’ll know that’s what the issue is..” (referring to acid reflux caused by overactive proton pumps).  FINE.  I guess I’ll take it.  Immediately my tongue and throat started going numb.  Then it dawned on me, this isn’t fixing the problem, this is NUMBING ME so I don’t feel the symptoms!  Yea, no thanks.  I don’t need to cover up symptoms, I’d like to get to the root of the problem.  Not to mention, it didn’t work anyway.

So, as I’ve done many a time before, I left the doctor’s office, in this case Urgent Care, with the determination to do my own research and tackle whatever the heck is going on with me naturally… or as naturally as possible.

While researching I came across so much information about how horrible acid blockers and proton pump inhibitors (medications that tell the acid producing pumps in your tummy to quit it) actually are. In fact, these medications actually CAUSE the very same symptoms they are intended to rid you of, once you stop using them; so, are you supposed to take these for LIFE?!  Ummmmm no thanks (just taking a moment to remind you this isn’t medical advice, and also don’t get off your medications without consulting your doctor).  Not to mention, all the research I’ve come across actually backs up my naturopath’s diagnosis, and refutes what I was told at Urgent Care.

I guess I just needed to be reminded why I have a naturopath, who works with me to find natural ways of healing.  I also really like her, her name is Jennifer Abercrombie and I’ve linked her page all throughout this post.

As I write this I am still feeling symptoms: heartburn being the main one.  From all of my research I’m starting to self-diagnose, but will follow up with my naturopath and will make sure to take that recommended H. pylori test.  I’ll keep you updated.

Long story short, do your research.  Take the reins of your own health.



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