time use worst

If you wish you had more time, watch where your time goes.  Chances are the Facebook posting, the channel surfing, the Pinterest pinning and the twitter roaming could be sucking you dry of the precious time you do have.  In what areas can you manage yourself a little better to free up time for things you need to get done?

Wishing you a productive week!

To many interpreters of The Secret, one must merely sit, preferably in sun-salutation pose, and think of that which is most desired for it to appear, almost as if teleported from the land of eternal possibilities, right to your doorstep…better yet right in front of your big toe, at arm’s length.  While I believe in the law of attraction, and have seen it at work many times in my life, this information can be misleading.  The result: lots of doing nothing, with the energetic intention of getting something.

On the other end of the spectrum we have the doers, of the “good things come to those who work hard” school.  The result: lots of doing A LOT, with the energetic intention of doing A LOT.

While the “thoughts become things” concept can be proven by quantum physics, specifically the work of Werner Heisenberg, it’s still widely considered hocus-pocus mumbo-jumbo.  And, on the other hand, we all know of people who work and work, and do and do all their lives to no avail.  So, who’s right?


Both.  For some reason we seem to love to compartmentalize, thinking our arm is separate from our leg is separate from our stomach is separate from our head.  The Universe/Source/God, you, me, our thoughts, our actions, our bodies, all other beings, and everything in between are intricately interwoven.  EVERYTHING you do, say, think, and feel has contributed to what you are getting out of life in this very moment.

you create reality

Then you think, “Man, but that’s a lot of work to get my head, heart, and actions all working together!”  Yea, it is.  Truly getting the Universe to deliver your dreams to your doorstep is a team effort of all the parts that make up your amazing self. It’s choosing your thoughts, exploring your feelings, and consequently aligning your actions.  A million dollars would be nice, and you can meditate and visualize living the millionaire’s lifestyle, in fact, that’s a huge part of it.  But, what was that?  Did you say you never play the lottery?  Oh, that’s cool.  And how about you?  Did I hear you say that you ALWAYS buy a lotto ticket at 7-11 but you “know” you’ll never win?  Alrighty then.  So, do you see how disconnected we are?  Play the lotto AND act as though you’re already a millionaire.  Believe it, feel it, act on it.  It’s really the only way to create a life you love.  Do the work, and you’ll be surprised at how much life reacts in your favor.

Sending you lots of love and big hugs


Ever notice how we are always looking for someone to tell us what we should do, how we should live our lives, and even what to eat?  We seek the advice of family, friends, experts, Google… for pretty much everything.  While Google and everyone else on your go-to list might have some pretty good info and have your best interest in mind, bottom line is they don’t know your life.  As opposed to what that stretchy tank top has printed on the tag, there is no one-size-fits-all of ANYTHING.

perfect diet

And let’s be honest, a lot of the information out there is confusing and contradictory anyway.  Milk does a body good.  Milk is linked to osteoporosis.  Drink soymilk.  Soymilk is linked to breast cancer.  What a headache.  So I propose that perhaps you stop relying on all this information, and, instead, be your own experiment.

Over the past year and a half I’ve been my own guinea pig.  I’ve tried detox programs, raw food, a vegan diet, juicing….etc etc.  I’ve searched recipes, diets, what the experts eat, and everything else in between.  And where all that research and experimenting led me was to a tailor-made-just-for-me-and-my-lifestyle way of eating.

It all started a few years back when I got a medical diagnosis that changed my life.  I went raw vegan after finding tons of information on the healing benefits of this type of diet.  Raw food did what it needed to do for me at that point in my life, but for me 100% raw was unsustainable long-term.  As I started to push my limits in the gym, I started to feel muscle breakdown from insufficient carbs and protein.  This is not to discount raw or vegan diets, as I believe they have their place, and work very well for some individuals; but I needed more.

So much at-your-fingertips information is great, and getting educated is important (especially when you have a health condition to take into consideration, like I did), so I definitely recommend that you do your research; but don’t let a fad diet that worked for (insert name of your favorite fit celebrity here) be your be-all end-all.  There are so many things to take into consideration, and yet all we focus on is “She lost 10 lbs in 3 days!” and “He got in shape for that movie in 1 week by eating what!?  That’s it, I start Monday.”  Play a little, experiment a lot.  Don’t be afraid of carbs…OR, maybe, be afraid of carbs.  I can’t tell you, YOU are the only one that knows.  Check in with your body, notice how certain foods and meals make you feel, monitor your energy level throughout the day.  Important questions include: what is your goal…weight loss?  Build muscle?  Do you workout?  How intense are your workouts?  Are you allergic to certain foods?  Do you have a gluten intolerance?  A great way to keep track is to have a food journal, where you can also write down how you felt after each meal (immediately after and a few hours after): tired, cranky, energized??  Change things up every few weeks, remove, add, adjust as needed, but more importantly, have fun with it.

Advice is nice and all, but only YOU can figure out what is best for YOU and your body.  Now go play with your food!

Until next time…

I’m one of those people that’s always seeking; and for a long time I’ve had this deep-rooted feeling that I was on the verge of something amazing, but yet couldn’t quite get there.  Whatever was stopping me, I knew it was self-imposed.  No idea what it was, but I just knew I was standing in my own way.  The reality is that what stops us from being the truest expression of ourselves in this world, from reaching magnificent heights, and from living truly amazing lives is our conditioning.  It’s the ideas and beliefs that we’ve spent years being told, learning, reinforcing, and creating in our own minds.  Stop for two seconds right now and ask yourself these questions:

Is this the most amazing life I could be living?
If not, what’s stopping you?

See, a lot of times we have excuses and stories… “I can’t because I don’t have enough money,” “I could never do that,” “I’m too lazy,” “I’m not smart enough,” etc, etc, etc, etc, etc.  Brace yourself for what I’m about to say: NONE OF IT IS TRUE.  Take that in for a second.  NONE OF IT IS TRUE.  So, what have you been believing all these years that has kept you where you are?  And perhaps there’s nothing wrong with where you are.  It’s comfortable, you have a routine, and it’s what you know.  But there’s a huge difference between being alive and living.  Which are you doing?

3 c's of life

I’ve been in a comfort zone for a long time.  We all love our comfort zones.  It’s too scary to climb out of the box and see what awaits on the other side, especially when we’ve been told it’s not safe, or when we believe we aren’t good enough to live outside the confines of the boxes we build ourselves.  Perhaps, you even feel you don’t deserve it.  Brace yourself once more:  YOU DESERVE TO LIVE AN AMAZING LIFE.  I don’t care who you are, how old you are, what you do, etc… you are here, you are alive, and YOU DESERVE for it to be AMAZING.  If you KNOW there is something more, and your soul is in search of expansion and fulfilment, but you just have no idea how to get there or what’s stopping you IT’S TIME to find out.  Don’t spend another week, month, year(s) simply being alive.  Going through the monotony of daily routine because that’s what you learned and that’s how life is.  It’s not.  And that’s exactly why I want to share this with you: “Boundless Bliss: The Bali Breakthrough Experience”

This past July I made a COURAGEOUS decision to apply for the Boundless Bliss Bali trip facilitated by Kute Blackson.  Let me tell you, it was scary.  I had never traveled by myself; in fact, I had never traveled outside the country (Mexico doesn’t count lol).  I had no idea what I was signing up for, but I knew I had to be there.  I couldn’t even logically explain why.  I still can’t explain it.  There was just a nagging inner voice that no matter how much my brain tried to shut it up with its excuses it wouldn’t go away.  I had EVERY excuse in the book, “I don’t have enough money,” “I’m being impulsive,” “I can’t take the time off from work.”  Those excuses were going to keep me in my comfort zone, and, quite frankly, I was done simply being alive.  I was ready to start LIVING.  What I gained from this 12 day journey cannot be explained in a blog, it just wouldn’t do it justice.  But, I will say that there are major shifts happening post-Bali.  For one, I have FINALLY made the decision to move out and live ON MY OWN; I now ask BIG for what I want with the feeling that I deserve it; I am no longer willing to settle; and for whatever energetic reason, whether it’s my newfound confidence, or some subconscious shift that happened, I am manifesting so much work that I can’t even believe it myself.  “Amazing,” “transformational,” “once in a lifetime experience,” the more I rack my brain for how to really make you understand what this experience was like, the more I realize that it’s simply not possible with words…all I know is that I’m no longer standing in my own way.

If you feel called to apply, I PROMISE you WILL NOT regret it… “Boundless Bliss: The Bali Breakthrough Experience”

Sending you lots of love and courage to take your life to the next level…

photo-39You can call me impatient, impulsive… whatever… you choose; but, I’m one of those people who wants to make something happen and I want it now.  And no wonder, in this fast-paced society everything is about instant satisfaction, instant results…now, now, now.  It’s not like I’m a rare breed or anything, I’m sure you, reading this, feel the same way.  Ain’t nobody got time for waiting for things to happen, right?  Diets and weight loss are no different.

We want results and we want them NOW.  We don’t want to put in work, because with a career, kids, a social life, responsibilities, who has time to be fit!?  “No, no, no, just give me that little magic pill that blocks the fat and carbs.  I’ll still eat whatever I want, and that gym membership I pay for every month but never use, well, I’ll keep that because I’ll go one of these days.”  Then there’s the, “Or better yet let me go on that master cleanse diet Beyonce used!” ones.  Now let me tell you, I’ve tried it.  Yup, the “drink this lemonade with cayenne pepper and agave for a week”…I’ve done it.  Yes, with NO solid food.  Just lemonade and water.  See, I have pretty much tried it all; partly because I would never tell my clients to do anything I haven’t done.  And let me tell you, I would never have anyone do the master cleanse, or any sort of plan where food is not involved.  That’s a story for another blog!  Let me get back on track, here…OH YES…

Working out, consistently, is not something I’ve always done.  Maybe a few days here and there, 2 weeks at the most, or whenever I didn’t have an excuse.  I was one of those people who would work out one day, then come home and look in the mirror to see if I could see results.  Totally not kidding.  BUT, then something changed.  I actually began seeing working out as me time, rather than a chore.  I started finding workouts I enjoyed, and people I enjoyed working out with.  I wasn’t doing it JUST for the physical results anymore.  Over the past year I have taken very few days off, mostly due to injuries from pushing myself too hard.  Without even thinking about it, working out actually became fun; and I constantly challenged myself to go to the next level with tougher workouts.  This past week, I was in a body pump (weight-lifting) class and it hit me: I am getting stronger, leaner, and more defined.  AFTER A YEAR!

It was important for me to share that with you because many times we want to give up.  It’s hard, and it takes sacrifice, but I promise results WILL come, funny enough it happens when you stop focusing so much on them.  I just want to ask you to be patient and loving with yourself in the process.  Find things about working out that you enjoy…find workouts you enjoy…and people you enjoy working out with.  Let your reasons for pushing yourself be stronger than your excuses for sitting on the couch.  If you don’t see results in 1 day, 1 week, 1 month…PLEASE WAIT…be patient…and keep at it.  About a year ago, were you thinking you needed to get healthy?  Get in shape?  Start going to the gym?  Had you started then, imagine where you’d be now.  So just get up and get moving, love yourself, and be patient…results will, no doubt, follow.

Sending you lots of love

Lots of foods taste good; but then there are those orgasmic-died-and-went-to-heaven foods.  Of course, those are usually the deep-fried-dipped-in-chocolate-heartattack-causing kind.  You may be under the impression that I’m “good” all the time when it comes to food choices.  The reality is that I’m not.  Everyone needs balance.  When you move towards a healthy lifestyle, you can’t all of a sudden tell yourself you’ll NEVER taste a brownie again!  I mean, really, life is for living ;)  However, when I’m living a little too much I start to feel it, physically: I have less energy, my digestive system slows down, I have more breakouts, I feel bloated, and my workouts suffer.  I don’t judge myself, or feel bad about it, I just buckle down and get back on track.

Recently, I was excited by the arrival of my baby nephew, and spending time at the hospital – with limited time for healthy eating – which led to several days of indulging.  I’m talking Porto’s guava and cheese pastries, and those delicious dulce de leche cookies, and whatever came out of the hospital vending machine.  Today I got back on track.  My liquid breakfast consisted of parsley, cucumber, kale, mint, and lemon blended with ice and water.  It wasn’t good; I mean, it wasn’t bad, either…but there are a million other things I would rather TASTE for breakfast.

green drink

Interestingly enough I didn’t feel obligated, forced, or like it was some type of punishment, because today I realized that how I FEEL is more important to me than how something TASTES.  Feeling lasts longer than taste.  5 seconds on my taste buds of something finger-lickin’-good but probably not too good FOR ME would translate into bloating, discomfort, and not having energy for days…I don’t know about you, but I sure as hell don’t wanna feel like that!  When I’m nourishing my body with green drinks, salads, and fresh fruits & veggies I feel like a million bucks.  My energy is up, my mood improves, and I just feel better about myself.

Indulging every now and then isn’t bad.  The issue is that we consistently eat foods that make us feel like crap.  They might taste amazing…but what good is that if the end result is feeling crappy?  So, what’s more important to you: tasting something yummy for 5 seconds, or feeling good consistently?  Fuel the feel good…that’s all I’m saying! ;)

I love farmers’ markets, especially in the summer.  I love walking around, seeing the people, hearing the sounds, taking in the sights, and enjoying the sun; not to mention, the taste tests!!!  Who doesn’t love samples!?  Farmers’ markets are a great way of knowing where your food is coming from, because the farmers are right there bringing you their produce directly.  It’s also a great way of knowing and buying what’s in season.

In addition to the apples, peaches, basil, cilantro, parsley, lemon, and avocados I bought at the farmer’s market the other day, I also found these beauties…

passion fruit

PASSION FRUIT!  I was inspired to get a few because they took me back, back to Bali, Bali ;) AND when I had that layover in Taiwan, I had a yummy passion fruit smoothie.  So, of course, I had to create my very own smoothie using this lovely fruit!

passion fruit smoothie


1 1/2 cups almond milk
handful of blueberries
1 passion fruit
handful of spinach (got my greens in there, too)
2 small pieces of avocado
1 tsp of plain greek yogurt
1 tsp of rosella powder (for all the Mexicans out there, that’s jamaica)
1 tsp of raw cacao powder
1 tsp of coconut sugar

Ok, I understand how this sounds really weird… I was even afraid to try it myself.  I’m like a mad scientist in my kitchen, throwing whatever I find (or at least what sounds good) into my NutriBullet.  BUT this was sooooo good!  It’s definitely a great summer treat.  You don’t even have to try my recipe…

Here’s the fun homework: find your closest farmers’ market, make a day of it, have some fun… buy a fruit you’ve never tried and make up your own smoothie or recipe!

P.S. In case you’re wondering here are just some of the health benefits of passion fruit:

  • Antioxidant power
  • Fiber and protein content (about 24.5g and 5g, respectively, when you include the seeds -which are edible)
  • Rich in vitamins A & C
  • Great source of iron, magnesium, potassium

Hope you’re lovin’ your summer as much as I am…

I have a wish for you.  I wish that you reach a point in your life where you have experienced the entire spectrum of human emotion; hopefully, maybe even more than once or twice.  These are my high hopes for you, because it will mean that you weren’t afraid to live, to say yes, to love, to indulge, to lose it all, to take risks, to create memories, to be spontaneous, to have experiences, to be adventurous, to be impulsive, to be open…with your heart and mind, to say no, to follow your heart, to speak your truth, to succeed, to feel the fear and do it anyway, to be stretched, to trust, to be messy, to try new things, to fail, to shine, to fall down, to learn…

Being a successful human isn’t about social status, salary, knowledge, or awards; it’s about being able to accept and love, even when it’s messy (this includes loving YOURSELF – in spite of your list of why you shouldn’t or why it’s hard to).  It’s about having the courage to show yourself compassion even when you’re not as put together as you’d like to be.  It’s about how you deal with discomfort.  It’s about reconnecting with all the parts that make YOU…the darkness, the light, the good, the bad…and realizing that, in that beautiful imperfect magnificent perfection, you are whole.  You are enough.  And you have all you need inside you to ride the waves of life.  It’s not about avoiding the scary waves by staying out of the ocean, where’s the fun in that?  Life was meant to be lived, and experienced to the fullest…even when you may not have all the answers.


You weren’t put on this planet to live in fear.  Fear will keep you small, and you, my dear, were meant to be BRILLIANT.  So what if you’ve been hurt?  Chances are you’ll probably get hurt in some capacity again; does that mean you’re willing to miss out on amazing love?  So what if you’ve failed at something?  Chances are you’ll probably fail at something again; does that mean you’re willing to pass up on some great achievements?  We are so afraid of feeling, that we don’t allow ourselves to thrive. What if it feels too good, and then doesn’t last?  What if it hurts?  What if …what if…what if.  Feel ANYWAY.  Love ANYWAY.  THRIVE.  LIVE.

So this lesson, it’s the wave I’m currently on.  That may change in an hour, tomorrow, next week, next month…but I’m ready to embrace those waves, too.  In fact, I, too, am ready to feel ANYWAY.  Love ANYWAY.  THRIVE.  LIVE.

Seriously, though, let’s get out there and LIVE.


I eat a lot of raw foods.  Especially when I’m cleansing. And if you know me, I’m always on some detox or cleanse. For one, I like to be my own guinea pig; and two, I’m continually learning what foods best fuel my body.  I love sticking to foods that make me feel my best.  My regular diet consists of a lot of salads; usually I make my own dressings with ingredients like tahini, lemon, balsamic vinegar, sunflower or olive oil, apple cider vinegar (not exactly all mixed together, that might not be good). The past few weeks have been extremely busy and rather than making my own dressing…Annie’s brand organic salad dressing to the rescue! Actually, a great friend of mine turned me on to it (thank you, Celeste!); I checked out the ingredients, and loved it = a new option for days when I’m crunched for time. I’ve tried two so far, Goddess and Sesame Ginger, and both are DELISH! Check out my salad below with Annie’s Organic Goddess dressing…with a name like “Goddess” you can’t help but feel all kinds of good eating this stuff!

annies salad dressingSalads make for an easy and refreshing summer meal.  I like to chop up a bunch of veggies and toss them in a bowl with my dressing…not your average lettuce salad (regular lettuce doesn’t have much nutrient value, it’s mostly water – opt for the darker greens and throw in some color with other veggies!).

Ingredients for the salad above:
1 chopped carrot
a handful of sugar snap peas
2 cups of spinach
1 portabello mushroom
handful of grape tomatoes
1/2 yellow bell pepper
1/2 a head of broccoli
2 tablespoons of Annie’s Goddess dressing
Summer tip – add some fun and flavor with chopped pear, apple, or some berries!

For added nutritional value you can add:
1 tbsp nutritional yeast
1 tsp spirulina
1 tsp ground flax seed

Not only is it super easy to put together… it’s light, refreshing, and packed with nutrients.  That bathing suit and summer tummy will thank you!

What are some of your favorite salad recipes?  Share in the comments below.

Have a happy and healthy summer!!!!!!

celluliteAnd stretch marks.  Like Katt Williams says, I’m a tiger.  I’ve spent a lot of my life focused on the parts of me I didn’t like.  Oh heck let’s be real, I’ve spent a lot of my life thinking that my curves, thigh dimples, and muffin top made me unattractive, not good enough, unworthy of love.  And because that’s what I believed, that is what I received.  I manifested relationships where I was taken advantage of, cheated on, and even left for a married woman.  Those experiences only reinforced the idea that I wasn’t good enough.  I compared myself to the “other woman” on several occasions.  I looked at pictures, trying to find what they had that  I didn’t.  In my last relationship, my ex met a “friend” at the gym, and because she was married I thought nothing of it; until, they started spending more time together.  Shortly after he ended the relationship, they were dating.  She worked out as much as he did, and apparently was in really good shape.  So, like any woman would, I started physically comparing myself to her.  I wondered how a married woman could be more appealing.  It made me angry, and I had so many unanswered questions.

Through a process of hypnotherapy & meditation, self-help, and self-discovery I slowly gained focus of what really matters…and lemme tell ya it’s not my stretch marks.  I reconnected with myself.  I understood that I wasn’t a victim.  My thoughts, and as a result, my actions led to where I found myself.  I didn’t think I was good enough, attractive enough, or that someone could love me.  My experiences were only a reflection of my inner world.

Things are different now.  I’ve learned to have a love for myself that I did not have before.  I value myself.  I know being a certain size doesn’t up my worth.  I work out almost every day because it makes me feel good, and I actually enjoy it.  I take care of myself, I eat well, and I treat my body well because I love myself.  But it is no longer an obsessive feeling or thought of having to look a certain way.  When I look at myself in the mirror I focus on the things I love about myself.  This doesn’t mean I don’t falter at times or beat myself up, it just means I pick myself up and forgive myself.  It means being more loving and accepting of myself, just as I am.  I am completely ok accepting that I have cellulite and stretch marks and sharing it with you.  We are all beautiful in whatever form, shape, color, size we come.

It’s time to stop focusing on what we don’t like, because that’s just what we’re going to keep getting.  So here’s some homework for you.  Look at yourself in the mirror, and point out all the wonderful things about you.  Do it every morning and/or night.  We are all works in progress, but life becomes so much more beautiful when we accept ourselves as we are in this moment….cellulite and all…and when we start focusing on those parts of us we truly love.

Show yourself some love today.  What do you love about yourself?


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